2 comments on “Trouble at t’mill

  1. Your wifi worked perfectly well, and it was delightful to hear about your cruises. Say hello to Granny-Anne for me, too.I do hope all’s well with her and the rest of your family.

    I’ve never heard of a VW Polo Bluemotion. Not once. Funny how different areas of the world have such different model names. I suppose it makes sense, since markets do differ, but you’d think we’d at least hear about the “other” VW models over here. It may be that other people are perfectly aware, and I’m the one who’s behind the curve.

    Is Balmoral-the-ship named after Balmoral-the-castle? I’ve always liked the name. It’s good to hear that the ship has suited you so well!

  2. Yes the ship is named after the castle. We have had about nine or ten cruises over the past seven years. The first two were on other ships but then we discovered Balmoral and liked it so much that we stayed with it.
    The VW Polo is a small 4-5 seater saloon car and ours is the two-door version with a 1.1 litre diesel angine. Ours is the Bluemotion version for which the makers claim over 80mpg average. despite this economy it is lively when required. More info in the next post.
    Linda,GrannyAnne sends regards. It is really nice to hear from you again.

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