53 comments on “The Raleigh “Ikea” folding bike.

  1. I’ve never looked into a folding bike, they seem more aimed at short rides around town than for anything lengthy (more than a couple miles). Is the frame all aluminum? I’m sure any decent bike shop can adjust the derailleur for you so it shifts correctly. I had that happen on my brand new Trek last year, and I got it adjusted and it’s fine now. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Good luck with your new toy, it’s a nice looking bike, and appears to be a real bargain. If I’d known you were looking for a folder, I’d have given you an option on my wife, Elizabeth’s which, though it has been in our shed for the last couple of years, is in perfect working order. We bought it at the same time as I got my first bike, the Raleigh Chiltern 3-speed, sadly Elizabeth is unable to ride it, due to problems with her replacement hip.

  3. Digital Dame: I will try to find time for a longer ride on the folder this week and will let you know how it feels! It seems to be a steel frame and mudguards but aluminium wheel rims.
    Welshcyclist: Thanks for the thought. It is a pity that your wife is unable to cycle with you. Assuming that your folding bike is only a couple of years old, and from a known manufacturer I should hang on to it. I think it is worth watching price trends for a while as it may hold its value for at least a couple of years, especially if kept in good condition.

  4. Hi.

    I just bought the same bike from eBay. There was no bag, no Ikea stickers, no manual, and it needed a good oiling as it had been in a garage for 2 years. There was no actual rust just dry, unused parts. I payed £45 for it.

    I removed the mudguards and rear rack to give it more of a basic feel. It seems to fold easier without those extra bits clattering around lol. Thus far I’m impressed with it. It fits nicely in the boot of my Ford Fiesta and the saddle is well comfy too 🙂

    Take care and safe riding.

  5. It seems that the prices of these bikes peaked a few months ago and then a lot more of them started to appear on Ebay and prices fell back. Even so, I am very happy with mine and am pleased to hear that you are impressed with yours. I don’t think I would want to carry it far in the bag but it is ideal for the boot of the car.

  6. I bought one too, prob paid over the odds for it but I love it!

    Still can’t figure out how to fold it properly, does anyone have a manual they could scan and send me? Id be eternally grateful!


  7. Rose, I agree with every word and I am sure that if anyone can put the manual online, or direct us to where it can be found, plenty of Raleigh/Ikea bike owners will be grateful.

  8. I did a quick Google search for an online manual but didn’t find anything. Have you tried e-mailing Raleigh? Their Customer Publications probably still has an electronic file copy of it, if they don’t have physical copies.

    Raleigh Notthingham

    If they refer you to the US office, let me know and I’ll call them. They’re practically just up the road from me in Kent, Washington.

  9. I have emailed Raleigh in the UK and will wait and see whether they can help. I don’t know much about these particular bikes but suspect that they were specially made for IKEA, were not for general sale and were not quite the same as other Raleigh folding bikes of the time. If anyone can shed any light on the story of these bikes I am sure that several visitors to this blog will be interested – I have noticed that many visitors arrive here as a result of searching on search engines for Ikea folding bikes.

  10. I noticed on Raleigh’s site that they make other folding bikes. I’d bet the ones that Ikea gave out were identical to an existing model, except for the paint job and Ikea stickers, maybe one or two other tweaks. They may have a manual for a similar model that would be helpful.

  11. Digital Dame, you may be right but a batch of 9,000 of these bikes were specially made in Poland for Raleigh to give as Christmas presents to their UK employees for Christmas 2006. I have looked at several Raleigh folding bikes on Ebay but none is exactly the same as the IKEA bike.

  12. I have this bike second-hand and I love it! I brought it on the tube into London the other day and cycled all round the bridges and various sites around. Bit cheeky but as it’s a bit of an effort to fold, if you just fold the middle part they allow it on the tube in peak times when other bikes aren’t allowed, then you can just wheel it through the tube tunnels to the platform. I find it easier to carry the bike when folded without the bag. Has anyone attached a basket or saddle bags to this bike?

  13. Hello Karina,
    For those of us who do not have £700+ to spend on a new Brompton (daren’t buy a secondhand one as it might have been stolen) the IKEA bike is as good as any at a fraction of the cost of most.
    I wouldn’t bother with basket or saddlebag as this might interfere with folding and carrying.
    Do you fold or detach the handlebars to carry the bike?

  14. I have a basket on the back of my ikea bike ( since I’ve not worked out how to fold it didn’t seem much point keeping it light!)I higly recommend having a little basket. I do all my shopping and carry a change of clothes and all my gear to work on it.

    I bought a folder cos I was worried I’d not be fit enough to cycle to 4 miles to work and back.. but I manage it ok and have never had to take it on the bus. When I first bought it I collected it from the Tube and got lots of funny looks from other passengers. Then there were lots of Bromptons on the tube too and they looked so much lighter and easier to fold. Of course I reached home and unfolded the bike at my station, only to forget how to fold it!

  15. Hi there,

    I am desperately looking for a chainguard for this bike. Nobody seems to be able to help me with it. I mean REALLY desperate. Where did you get yours? All shops say: sorry, not the right size, thee are awkward bikes, hen’s teeth, whatever excuse.
    Please email me: gaelic4@yahoo.com


  16. I am looking to buy one of these but i HAVE to be able to fold it. Have had two bikes stolen from outside the office in 2 months 😦 Grrrrrr

    Did anyone get a manual or can give some instructions? I am not at all mechanical. All help gratefully received!

  17. I have read this forum with interest as I am thinking of buying one of these – it will be useful when my wife and I are out on our boat as we can cycle between locks and fill or empty them quicker. I notice that Allen keys are needed to fold and unfold the buke; what size would I need, please?

  18. I found that the bike could be folded sufficiently to be put in the boot of my car without needing the Allen key. The latter is needed to loosen the handlebar assembly, either just to turn it parallel with the front wheel or to remove it from the bike’s frame. The key that I use (which did not come with the bike) does not have a size marked on it but it appears to me to measure a quarter-inch, or 6mm, “across the flats”.
    By the way, if you can collect from Cardiff, my bike is for sale. It was bought primarily to be carried in the car but I no longer have a car.

  19. Hi I have one of these IKEA bikes (ebay £62 never ridden) that I am modding, in the native configuration there is no way to have the handle bars fold properly without allen key (bad design). The way around this is cut of the top of the existing steerer, just under the handle bar clamp. Fit a “clamp on” stem to the top and make sure when you align everything that the hinge is set at 45 degrees to the alignment of both wheel and handle bars. Now when you fold the handle bars they will lay flat against the bike.

  20. Further to the handle bars the upright part is 25.3 mm which which a clamp on stem will fit perfectly with a shim (usually included with most stems). If you want to remove the steel cranks and upgrade a standard removal tool will not work as these are a non-standard size. A solution to this is a M12 bolt which will screw into the thread (a little tight but goes) and push the crank arms off the square tapered spindle.

  21. Has anyone had to change the back wheel on a Raleigh Oakland?
    I’ve just bought one and immediately had to replace the back tyre and now I can’t get the back wheel to line up.
    I’m worried that I’m damaging the wheel threads with all my attempted adjustments.
    I’m also having immense problems with the mudguards rubbing against the wheels.
    The pictures in the manuals are blurry and indistinct;


  22. I, too, bought the Ikea from eBay. Met the owner at Milton Keynes Ikea (!) and paid £45 ( or was it £49 ?) It was new and never ridden. It took some time to get used to the riding position as I’m a Moulton Man. ( Old 1964 and ‘new’ 2000 models ) My son had the Ikea in Lancaster for two years. The frame came away by the folding plate. I brougt it home. and had it welded, ( £10 ) put new tyres & brake blocks on, serviced it ( I have a small cycle workshop ) and now love I it. For short hops ( to the pub! ) etc. it’s great. For distance I use my Dawes full size or ‘new’ Moulton. I noticed prices rose to about £80 / £85 and then dropped. Useful bike at a Festival, such as Greenbelt, etc.

  23. Thanks for your comment Martyn. I no longer have welding equipment but if I could change two things on my IKEA bike, one would be the folding arrangement for the handlebars – which is almost pointless in its present form. The other would be the riding position. This needs the saddle to be further to the rear, instead of nearly over the pedals. Like the folding arrangement, it only needed a bit of thought at the design stage. The necessary adaptation could have been incorporated in the saddle itself at no extra cost.
    As you say, for short journeys it is a great little bike and especially at the price.

  24. Hi
    Just bought one of these on ebay and found this site through Google. Many thanks for all the info which is very useful.
    I have a question though. I need to do some work on the brakes but not having done any bike repairs since the 50s I don’t recognise the type of brakes on this bike. Do they have a specific name in case I need to get spare parts?
    Hoping I can fix this so I can keep fit during my retirement 🙂

  25. The brakes are what is known as V-Brakes. If you want to replace either the levers or Brake calipers ensure that they are both V-brake as Road type leaves will not work with V-Brake calipers (with out modification) and V-Brake levers will not work with older style cantilever brakes. If you want to know all about V-Brake adjustment refer to the Great Sheldon Brown (RIP) http://sheldonbrown.com/canti-direct.html.

  26. Thanks to this site I got one of these bikes off eBay and have spent a little bit extra doing it up. More or less there now as can be seen from the photo.

  27. Hi Allan,
    Interesting mods on your bike. I also like the modified saddle post on Mark’s bike (see his comment above) – which sorts my only real criticism of the bike, ie. that the original saddle position is too far forward in relation to the pedals. Am thinking of finding someone to do that mod for me.

  28. Sorry left my comment on the wrong site, I bought the ikea folding bike today for £36 can’t comment on what it’s like yet as I haven’t collected it, but for the price I’m sure I will be very pleased . I did notice in an earlier comment someone was looking for a mud guard for there’s and that parts are rare because this is a one off design for ikea but I think this bike is the same as the Raleigh eclipse folding bike which is still a current model , can anyone confirm that please

  29. Hi, just wondering if you still have the ikea folder? Curious as to if it’s still going and also a strange query, what size seat post diameter does it have? Can you turn handles to side when folded to save room? Ed

  30. Yes Edward, I have the folding bike still though I have not used it for a long time. The seat post diameter is 1 inch (25mm) and the handlebar can be turned as you describe but you need a 0.25 inch (6mm) Allen key to do so.

  31. Took a Volkswagen Transporter out for hire this past year on a camping holiday and it
    was incredible, by far one of the more reliable vans
    we have rented. Since then I am unable to quit thinking about getting one of

  32. Hello Dana and Adolfo, I can certainly recommend the VW T4 if in genuinely sound condition. However, like any other vehicle of a similar age it is likely to have numerous faults that cannot be detected by an external inpection, together with quite a few that can. Judging by some of the commentary that I have seen on the T4/T5 Forum, the later models are not necessarily better.
    One day, when my annoyance has subsided sufficiently, I will write here about the T4 which I bought in Bristol for far too much money. I could see that the van had a few problems (despite being “looked after like a baby” and being maintained “regardless of cost” according to the previous owner). However, while I gathered that the previous owner knew little of mechanical matters, I didn’t expect his regular mechanic to seem quite so clueless. Perhaps he was constrained by the owner’s budget. Suffice it to say that I have spent a few thousands of pounds bringing the van up to a decent standard and it appears that this is by no means unusual.

    • Thanks for that Mark! I guess the hard part might be finding a standard post that has the right I/D? I’m now in the middle of deciding (because I can’t ride it as it is – damaged knee) whether or not to keep it and have a go at what you’ve done, or sell it and do up my old Dawes Kingpin. The problem with that particular beasty is getting wheels made, or making them myself. What I particularly like about the Ikea is the brakes; they are so much better with alloy rims.
      Decisions, decisions!
      Thanks again

  33. Just bought one of these IKEA folders but it is minus the front chain ring. Could anyone who has one of these bikes tell me how many teeth the front chain ring has.

    Many thanks

  34. Hello Again.
    Things have moved on and I have decided to sell this little Ikea bike. My Wife was proposing to use it, as she applied for a job at another school. It would have been ideal for going from the car park to the school.
    She didn’t get the job…
    If anyone wants a well used, regularly serviced and reliable little bike ‘I’m your man.’

  35. Just bought one of these Ikea bikes – it was brand new and unused (still boxed with all the packaging in place on the frame). Belonged to a former Ikea employee who tossed it into the back of a garage the day they received it, where it lay unused ever since.

    Have been very impressed with it. Made a few modifications after having it thoroughly serviced – added a double kickstand so it will freestone (also means it will support itself when folded), changed the saddle for larger gel saddle, and fitted folding pedals.

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