One comment on “Life’s like that.

  1. Well, my goodness. I’m sorry to hear such unhappy news from you, but I’m glad to see a post, get a bit of an update, and to know that you’ve begun the path to recovery. One of my best friends had a stroke about four years ago. She was maybe 75 at the time, and it left her with real problems walking and keeping her balance, although her cognitive functions were fine. Today? Even as I type, she and a friend are boarding a cruise ship down in Galveston, off on another week-long jaunt to somewhere — Cozumel, I think!

    I laughed at that system of mutual ignoring you’ve developed. I understand why the attendants want to be attentive, especially at first, but it sounds like you’re doing pretty well on your own, and I know enough of your personality to know you’re not about to lie about, waiting to be waited on.

    All’s well here, although the days seem to be whizzing by ever faster. I understand perfectly how an entire year can disappear in a flash. I’m turning 70 myself this year, and am all too aware that I’d best not be wasting time. 🙂

    Best wishes to you, and of course to your beloved. I’ll look forward to an update when your right hand decides to join the party!

    ~ Linda

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