2 comments on “What’s a Volkswagen Polo?

  1. I remember those former cars well, but this one is pretty snazzy. It did startle me to see the steering wheel on the right side, though. I’ve never driven a British car on British roads, and it feels odd even at this remove! It just seems counterintuitive, and makes me remember when I began sailing with a tiller rather than a wheel. I was forever going in the wrong direction — not so bad on a lake, but not so good in traffic.

    My Toyota Corolla is six years old now, and still performing beautifully. The only big repairs have been body work, including the replacement of both left and right rocker panels after some creature chewed its way through them. It was weird beyond belief to me, but the insurance agent said, “Oh, yes. It happens.” All right, then.

    So good to see a post from you, and to know that all’s well. I’m trying to make myself remember to tweet out my new posts — thank you for that recent retweet.

    Otherwise, all is well. Hurricane Harvey was a demon of a storm, and many of suffering greatly, but I made it through just fine. I had the chance to deal with Ike and Allison more directly, so I’m glad to have been missed by this one.

  2. Great to hear from you again Shoreacres. Having neglected my blog again for so long I don’t deserve such a prompt response. Glad to hear that Harvey passed you by without damage but what about Irma? Actually, I am not sure of your location. Am I right in thinking you are somewhere in the Galveston/Houston area, so too far West for Irma to be very much trouble. I hope so, but then again you must worry about a record-breaking hurricane.
    Glad to say we are all well here. I am weaker and slower, and perpetually tired, following the stroke but still recovering and doing what I can. There are plenty of people who have not been as lucky.
    Granny Anne hasn’t posted for about three years (so worse than me!) and daughter Jennie has gone off on a different direction having started her own business which involves spinning and knitting and supplying wool to others. It’s called “owlaboutyarn”, (Google it if it is of interest) so with three children and a husband to look after she is kept busy.

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