5 comments on “A chest full of stents, and other ramblings.

  1. That Danish Oil is a good choice. I use varnish on boat exteriors, of course, but for interiors, it’s the Danish oil or vanish, depending. We can’t oil exterior wood here because of the heat and humidity. Even though the Danish Oil dries with a harder surface than many marine wood oils, mildew is a terrible problem. So varnish it is.

    It’s rather amazing to think of those nine stents. For some reason, my first thought was of our freeway system — you don’t happen to have a round-about in your heart, do you? I just had my annual physical (well, gosh — it was in January, for heaven’s sake.) I’m still ticking along, although I need to take off more weight. I am down ten pounds since the first of the year, though, and another ten or fifteen will do it. There’s no mystery at all in how to do it. Now that we’re past blackberry season, it may be that foregoing some of the cobblers and pies will help. 😉

    I know you’re interested in food, so this might interest you. I’ve had the good fortune to find a farm only fifteen minutes away where we can pick our own crops. The season is about over now, but for two months or more I’ve been awash in hand-picked peaches, blackberries, tomatoes, eggplants, squash and such. Now, the figs and melons are available. It’s such delicious food. Soon, we’ll have to wait a bit for the fall crops to come one. July-September aren’t very productive months here, in terms of gardens. It’s just too hot.

    I take it Henry’s doing well. Give my regards to Granny Anne, too. I popped in to see her blog a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like she’s been otherwise occupied too.

    It’s good to see you pop up. Any cruises on the horizon?

    • Thanks for your comments Shoreacres, it’s good to hear from you.
      I had not heard of Danish Oil prior to buying the Morris and welcome your expert knowledge of the product. It has produced a beautiful, deep finish on the car’s woodwork and I apply another thin coat, by brush, twice per year, making sure to seal joints in the wood and the edges that touch the bodywork (mind you,it would be useful to know how to remove Danish Oil that has dried on adjacent paintwork!)
      Keep up the good work with the weight loss. I am making no progress at all as yet and it has not been for want of trying. I am convinced (and doctors have shared this opinion) that the Prostap injections have tried to cause weight gain but my efforts to lose weight have simply ensured that it has remained unchanged, give or take a couple of pounds. The injections will finish in September and, apparently, it will take a few months to lose the side effects. Perhaps then I will see the benefits of my much modified diet and exercise routine. I will have more to say about this in a post shortly.
      We didn’t plan for any cruises this year, partly because we were waiting to see what hospital appointments I would need.
      Granny-Anne sends regards, as does Henry. Granny-Anne might be persuaded to write another post soon, while Henry is more interested in sitting under one of our raspberry bushes waiting for the fruit to fall (if the blackbirds don’t get there first).

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