5 comments on “Another New Year – More Challenges.

  1. Great to see you posting! Yardwork comes to a standstill here right around November, too, and I don’t worry much about getting to do anything again until April. Scary about those statins, glad you got off them. Hope you continue to improve! Take care.

  2. This is just wonderful. Of course I’d seen you on Twitter a time or two, but didn’t think much about you not posting – I figured you were off on another cruise, to be quite frank. Well, you have been busy, that’s for sure, albeit not quite so pleasantly engaged as on a cruise.

    It’s terrific to hear that Henry is out and about again. Please do give him my regards. I heard frogs today for the first time, chirruping away in some of the first good rain we’ve had for a while, and I was thinking that it’s nearly time for our tortoises to be out and about.

    I think you were wise, re: the statins. Mom and I talked those over for some time when her doctor wanted to put her on them. I did some internet research and she got some anecdotal evidence from her friends, and we decided that the side effects just weren’t worth the trouble.

    She also had stents put in, and they did perfectly well for her. I was trying to remember – I think she received them when she was 80, and she ticked along nicely until 93. That’s a pretty good return on the investment.

    I’m glad to hear you’ve not suffered with the weather. My friend in Tywyn is up high enough that she had no problem with flooding, although they did have quite some trouble along the seafront. And my goodness – the washing out of that railroad was quite something. That put her out a good bit, as she was accustomed to using her pass for it.

    Well, again – so glad to see you. Give my love to Granny Anne – along with some hopes that spring will come for us all sooner rather than later!

  3. Thank you both very much for your kind comments. I must say that, having failed to post for so many months, I was not at all sure that you would notice and I certainly don’t deserve your continuing interest. Will try to do better!

    • Of course you deserve our interest! To be quite frank, I’ve allowed the musings of a few people who post every day to fall into my little cyber-dustbin, because they don’t deserve my interest. Quality, not quantity – that’s our battle cry!

  4. In view of the high standard and beautiful style of your writing (on which I have commented two or three times previously) I consider it quite a compliment that I have avoided being consigned to your “little cyber-dustbin” – so far at least!

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