2 comments on “Digital dilemmas

  1. Zowie! A new computer! Congratulations. I’m traveling just now and contending with my laptop rather than my home PC. I must say, I like the PC much better for writing and such editing of photos as I do. On the other hand, there’s no lugging the PC around the country, so there you are.

    I have friends with all the gizmos and gadgets (iPads, etc), but it still seems to me they’re meant for email, games and snapshots more than “real work”. Clearly there are wonderful toys out there, but I’ll not be putting out the money for them. 😉

    I’ve only upgraded once – from Win98 to Vista. Because of the leap, I bought a new printer, too, and a couple of new programs. I also went from dial-up to cable at the same time, and it was such a change. I’m still happy. When I get unhappy, I suppose I’ll face an upgrade, but for now I’m just going to be happy for you!

  2. Thanks Shoreacres. I must be a bit of a geek (or whatever the word is now) as I do enjoy my digital gadgets – but only to the extent that they are useful. I agree that a PC type keyboard is more comfortable when lots of typing is required. However, you can get a USB keyboard that will plug into your laptop. I am thinking about it (they cost very little) but I don’t do much typing these days.
    I am happy enough with the new laptop, rather than leaping about with excitement. It is not as quick as I was expecting (6GB of RAM and an enormous hard drive) and the screen could be sharper. The latter was especially apparent when I was sorting the recent holiday photos, many of which were taken in poor light and misty conditions. Even so, it has enabled me to carry on where I left off with the old machine, with no great difficulty and without fear of the sort of crash which was becoming irritating.
    As usual there is a lot of software with the new toy, either built-in or on offer from the Windows Store, which I will never need. I have even got TV catch-up! Nobody told the Acer people that I disappear upstairs into my “den” precisely to avoid TV, though I suppose that it might be handy for the odd documentary (one of the few things that TV tends to do well, in my opinion).

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