3 comments on “More T4 improvements.

  1. Clearly, by the time you’re finished with your project you’re going to have a road-worthy vehicle. Of course things always can happen – but that’s a much different matter than taking off on a journey knowing something is going to happen, and knowing the only question is, “Which part will it be this time?” I’ve driven one of those, and don’t recommend it!

    Happy tinkering/fixing/repairing/improving!

  2. Thanks Shoreacres. The work is going more or less according to plan though the present phase has been delayed for want of the correct parts. Then all I need is some bottled gas and we will be ready to tour.
    After that I will be trying to sort out the onboard TV facility which is incomplete and doesn’t work fully as expected when purchased with the van. I am dealing with the Chinese suppliers already and, while they seem keen to help, coping with their rather weak command of English leaves one a little short of confidence in the outcome. That said, I have two further observations, (a) their English is infinitely better than my Chinese and (b) I have nothing against China but why are we in the UK dependent on China for this sort of technology anyway? Something has gone wrong somewhere.

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