4 comments on “The sluggish season

  1. Speaking of sluggish, I seem to be so myself! How your post has lingered so long with no reply I can’t say, as I’ve read it a couple of times!

    I just took my new Toyota in today for her 10,000 mile check up. It was purely standard – tire rotation, oil change, and so on. Tomorrow she goes for a professional wash and detail, and then we’ll be back on the road for a while. Not as much “on the road” as I’d like, mind you, but there are things to be done before it’s playtime.

    With a new car, I’m going to the dealership, of course. I must say it has been nice not to have to pay anything so far. I think I’m good up to 25,000 miles with cost-free maintenance. It was one of the perks that was thrown in when I got the car. Nice. On the other hand, I’ve always had great luck with independent mechanics with my other cars. As you say, finding the right one’s the trick, but once you do, life can be very good, indeed.

    It’s good to hear Henry is doing well and is inching toward spring and summer. My dear Dixie Rose has learned the trick of sitting on her haunches with her front paws cocked, looking for all the world like a dog begging for a bone. Now she’ll come over to the computer when she wants attention, sit up and beg. It’s rather unnerving, actually.

    We will take every bit of rain you don’t want. We’ll even pay the postage. It’s looking all too much like drought here again, which could be disastrous for farmers who haven’t recovered from the last go-around. But, there’s nothing to be gained from dwelling on it, so on we go.

    Delighted to see your post! Give my regards to Henry.

  2. It is really good to hear from you again – and Happy St Patrick’s Day to you.
    There have been days recently when it has been neither bitterly cold nor raining – and the days are getting longer. So, after months of doing the sensible thing – staying indoors as much as possible – it was pleasant to get out into the garage (with the doors wide open) and tidy up so that most tools can actually be found when needed! Even then I had to stay in the garage to avoid the rain.
    By the end of the month I hope to be writing here about the work that is being done in stages on the campervan at my local garage.
    We can do without a drought, though there have been dark mutterings about that possibility in 2013 despite everything that the weather has thrown at us during the past 18 months. All I know is that there is a pile of accumulated outdoor work that I must do and I am hoping to start, and finish, it soon.
    I don’t think you have mentioned Dixie Rose here previously – any chance of a picture?

  3. Great pictures, lovely cat – beautiful colours and obviously quite a character. Thanks for letting me see her. I almost want to paint her but I am struggling a bit with existing projects. (I am sending you a DM on Twitter).

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