12 comments on “Ikea bicycle folding instructions

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  2. Good day to you! I’m so glad you finally received the paperwork for your little gem. It does seem there’s a discrepancy between the instructions and reality, but so it goes. It looks like a very serviceable bicycle.

    Just out of curiosity, what does the bike weigh? Is it indeed easily portable?

  3. I cannot weigh the bike but have seen their weight quoted at 14-15kg, which is about 31-33 lb in language that I understand. So it is OK for carrying on and off buses and trains but you wouldn’t want to carry it far, not that you would need to anyway.
    I find it a perfectly usable bike for short trips of a few miles – and that could add up to quite a lot of miles in a day if, for example, there were frequent stops for sightseeing etc.
    Even so, a folding bike is a compromise and, given a choice, for comfort I would always choose my “big bike”, the Raleigh Oakland.

  4. I bought the bike second hand.. the seller was folding it complete. He just moved the seat around in order to fold the handlebars nicely.. I’ve not figured it out yet, but it is possible.


  5. Hi everyone, really pleased I stumbled upon this thread.
    Ive just purchased this cycle too, going to collect it tomorrow so all your information is going to be extremely useful.
    Does anyone know, upto what weight does the bike take???
    Thanks x

  6. No idea what weight this bike will carry but I would guess certainly up to 170-180 pounds plus a decent safety margin.
    Good luck with your bike and I will be interested to hear whether you receive any printed instructions with it.

  7. Hi, thanks to all for the blog on the Ikea Raleigh folding bike. Just bought one in private adds for £15, when i went to see it, i could not believe it. I had been looking for a folding bike for a couple of weeks, then this came up. I think it may have been used once in its life so is brand new. It will not fit into the bag without loosening the handlebars but who cares…..for £15 i’m not complaining. This has got to be the bargain of the decade!!!

  8. I am pleased that you have enjoyed the blog and well done for getting such a bargain. May I draw your attention to Cycle Social, which you might find interesting. The link is listed under Cycling – cyclists blogs UK on the right of this page and it is free to join the site.

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for your blog, it has been very informative. I just bought a folding bike and having done a little bit of research think it is an Ikea Raleigh. I didn’t know anything about the different makes really but this one came up at an affordable price of £50 so I snapped it up. I had previously been looking at the Argos folder and the Go out doors one but they ran out of stock. I have had it for 2 days now and love it!. It came with the folding insructions and these are identical to the ones you have on your site but no manual.

  10. Thank you Horizon. I am very surprised at how much interest there has been in the posts about the Ikea bike. It has been by far the most popular topic.

  11. someone set me straight — does the proper way to fold it involve the loosening of the handlebar and rotating it 90 degrees from its operating position? need to carry an allen key with you to do that? a larger/better detail photo of the folded bike will be much appreciated. a photo of the carrier/bag or its size/dimensions will be nice too (i recently bought one in london, but it came assembled and the owner had not used it at all, nor did it come with the bag). thanks!

  12. Stumbled across this site researching a possible ebay purchase. Regarding folding, most expensive folders seem to have the steering fold down and back at an angle rather than straight out to the side as in the photos above. You can set your bikes to do that with the allen key but then the handlebars would have to be twisted the same amount in the opposite direction relative to the vertical bit of the steering above the folding clamp. Is that joint adjustable? If not then I bet the Ikea story began with them getting a good deal on 9000 Polish bicycles that had had the handlebars brazed on wrongly.
    Any friendly cycle shop hearing your tale will be fascinated to help you and let you study the folding action of a Dahon or something; maybe shoot a video clip or two? Then get someone to debraze and reset the bars with lots of trial and error to get it right. TRAVEL BORE ALERT!!!! I got very similar work done by the village blacksmith in Litang in Tibet; we extended seat post and quill-type head set and bespoke fitted an old mountain bike for me to ride out. That bike was gorgeous and nothing broke so it’s not rocket science but be damn sure you trust the quality of the welding/brazing.
    If anyone gets the chance to try this/tell me I’m talking rot I’d be keen to hear.

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