2 comments on “and the next problem is…

  1. Phew! I’m tired out just reading your list! It looks as though you had a marvelous holiday, and the work you’re planning for the van is going to ensure some more nice trips.

    I’m with you on those statins. They may be necessary in very occasional cases, but they’re one of the drugs that are promoted within an inch of their life. Any time I see another advertisement telling me to ask my doctor to prescribe something, it’s fairly clear what’s going on. 😉

    Even though I’m active and do physical work, I don’t do enough walking or get enough of that vaunted aerobic activity. I know it, and have started taking a few steps (!) to remedy the situation.
    A little common sense can help in these situations!

    • I am tired just thinking about the jobs that await me and especially about the cost of the work that I cannot do for myself! However, it was dry and sunny today (though cold) so I have made a start and it is very satisfying work.
      The holiday was great but I am leaving it to Granny Anne to tell the story – and there will be pictures.
      Exercise and diet have been an issue for me during recent months and I have concluded that exercise, though beneficial in modest doses, is greatly over-rated and there needs to be much more emphasis on diet – and particularly on reversing the brainwashing about cholesterol, fat etc. to which we have all been subjected for the past few decades. But don’t get me started on that!

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