2 comments on “Improving the VW

  1. Wow! That’s quite a project you’ve got there – but it does sound to me as though the remediations have been perfectly consistent with the age of the vehicle, etc. And you’re right – many things you’ve done don’t fall into the category of “annual maintenance.”

    I think I told you before that I really like the red/checkerboard design. Of course, from my perspective, the great advantage is that you’ll be able to spot it more easily in a car park!

    There’s some new procedure they’re using here now for chips in the glass, but as I understand it, you have to have it done right away, before the cracks begin radiating out. I had three or four chips in the windscreen in my old car, all with inch-long cracks. But, they were like that for years, and the fellow at the garage said as long as they didn’t increase in size at all, they would be fine. And they were!

    It’s going to be fun following your progress through all the steps of getting your new baby roadworthy and up to your standards!

    • It is going to be fun carrying out the improvements, if ever my available time and suitable weather coincide so that I can get on with it.
      My windscreen had too many chips, with associated short cracks, for me to feel happy with anything other than a new screen which, incidentally, came with new wiper blades thanks to an Autoglass special offer at the time.
      We have since allocated a useful selection of cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery. For use on those campsites that supply mains electricity we now have a mains extension lead and even a small oven/grill. We will be fully equipped in time for next year’s warmer weather but in the meantime there are several jobs to be done. Watch this space!

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