2 comments on “VW T4 CMC

  1. This is just marvelous. Every time I see one of these that’s really well designed I’m reminded how many similarities there are with small boats. I lived aboard a 31′ boat for a year, and I’m sure the routines were much the same as yours with this little gem.

    I never-never-never-ever would want to cope with one of those big RVs on the road – especially the ones that require dragging a second car behind. But this is just the right size for convenience and fun. What oculd be better?!

  2. I agree. This is just the right size for the two of us and small enough to go anywhere that cars can go. Also, having an elevating roof rather than a “Hi-top”, there aren’t going to be too many car park entrances etc. from which we will be barred by height restrictions.
    I think we have a fairly standard layout for vans of this size and I could suggest improvements but cost has to be considered.
    Mind you, when I visited the local VW Main Dealer’s premises a week or so ago, I took the opportunity to look over the latest “official” VW camper van, the VW California. What a beauty!

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