2 comments on “Meg the Mog

  1. If I were in a position to do so, I’d buy her in a minute. Of course, that would require a few things like living in Britain – or retrofitting for American roads and then shipping. I think both are beyond the realm of possibility, so we’ll let that go.

    But my goodness – what a wonderful vehicle. I can see why you’ve enjoyed it, but you’re right about two vehicles. I recently sent packing the Oldsmobile that had been Mom’s. I’d been using it for work to keep from having to use my new Princess as a work vehicle, but the old car started making noises I didn’t even want to explore, let alone repair, so off she went.

    I think the single thing I like best about the Morris is the wood trim – not much surprise there, I suppose. It reminds me of the “woodies” that were much beloved of our California (and other) surfers. When I was a young girl (and even a little older) the boy with the woodie was the one who got the girls! All I have to do is listen to something like this to go straight back forty years!

  2. Fifty years ago my second real job after leaving college was with the Milk Marketing Board and involved visiting a few farms each day, in North Somerset and Wiltshire, to help the farmers keep their milk production records up-to-date. The MMB supplied a car of course – a Morris Minor. It was a very enjoyable job and not least because it was a great car. So I, too, have a nostalgic attachment to “Moggies” and I really am pleased to have owned one of my own, albeit briefly. It’s just a shame that it has to go.

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