4 comments on “Volkswagen T4 CMC Camper Van.

  1. Oh, there’s nothing more fun than getting a new car, except, of course, putting the new car (vehicle) to use in the service of adventure! I do have to ask – that checkerboard pattern. Is that standard over there? It’s just so unusual. It makes me want to play a game of checkers, except I fear they wouldn’t hold to the “board” so well. Perhaps they make magnetic ones?

    It’s just wonderful to hear you’re feeling venturesome. Looking forward to hearing more about the successful sale of the car and the plans you make for travel!

  2. It is really good to hear from you both again, D.D. and Shoreacres. You must have thought that I had given up on blogging – and I have to admit that I was tempted.
    Oh OK D.D, I will try to think of a name for the wagon if you insist! As for the checkerboard pattern, it is a tough, rubberised fabric cover for the bonnet panel. It is an accessory, not made by VW but by Cheshire Motor Caravans, the company who convert VW vans (and others) to campers. The purpose of the cover is to protect the bonnet panel from stone chips, and the actual cover is known as (no kidding!) a bonnet bra. Mind you, I am not sure that I like it very much and, as I see little evidence of stone chips on other forward facing panels, I may remove it. Advice from other Type 4 and Type 5 owners would be very welcome.

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