3 comments on “The Patient’s Story, Part 11.

  1. This is great news and I am extremely pleased for you. We love to complain in this country about the NHS etc, but when the chips are down they do come through for us. I hope that your PSA stays low and that your nocturnal visits to the “end of the corridor” reduce. Therte’s nothing so lonely as standing there doing your business whilst the rest of the house sleeps and you wonder whether having the fdinal cuppa was worth it – even though it was at 7pm!

  2. Hi Steve, Good to hear from you. Your comment makes it so clear that you have “been there, done that”!
    Although the “Big C Club” is not all that exclusive, it seems that few of us are willing to “open up” about our experiences to the world at large, yet I continue to hope that doing so serves a useful purpose.
    I hope that your sirtuation is improving now. Do keep in touch and if you want to email I am at pjrw”at”hotmail.co.uk

  3. What a wonderful “wrap-up” and such a hopeful conclusion to all this. A friend who went through treatment for cancer over the past months said the most helpful thing for her was reading accounts written by other patients. It helped her to know what others had experienced, and helped put her symptoms, reactions to treatment and such into context.

    You’re surely done that here – we’ll hope for increasingly good health as the years go by!

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