4 comments on “Hinds, Citizen Watches and real customer service.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when things go well? Rather sad, really – we used to take such service for granted, assuming that everyone involved would do what they could to make the transaction smooth and pleasant. I’m glad you had such an “old-fashioned” experience, and kudos to the merchant!

    • Yes this was a good experience and diametrrically opposite to my pet hate – the sort of organisation that can be contacted only by phone, so that they can put you through several layers of choices before you arrive at what seems the most relevant “department” (sometimes none seems relevant), only to keep you waiting 20 minutes or more while “entertained” by the most appalling racket that is supposed to be music, interrupted at intervals to tell you how important your call is to them and that an operator will be with you as soon as possible. These are usually the organisations with the least excuse for such behaviour, ie. the ones that make multi-million pound profits every year and have grossly overpaid executives but cannot be bothered to give a better service to customers. This makes me especially angry when I recall how hard I have worked in the past, usually for a miserable pittance, and how often I have lost sleep worrying about giving the best service to customers.

  2. Dear justwilliams,

    We’re pleased to hear of such service from one of our stores! Your kind comments will be passed on to the Cardiff store and hopefully an example will be made of this to our other stores.


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