2 comments on “When clutter becomes baggage

  1. There was a wonderful, humorous lady named Peg Bracken who wrote housekeeping and cooking books back in the day -maybe the 1960s. One of her slogans was, “When in doubt, throw it out”. That still seems a bit ruthless to me, but as the years pass, I become more sympathetic.

    It was quite an experience after Mom’s death to close out her apartment and dispose of “all that”. Since she’d moved three times in the past twenty years, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been – we’d done a lot of sorting, selling and giving already. But she was a “keeper”, and it was tough. For one thing, she knit and did needlepoint, and I’m sure you can imagine what her “stash” looked like. There were at least 25 large plastic tubs filled with yarn, and more filled with “accessories”. And books. And frames. And, and, and….

    I’ve been dealing with this myself. I went through a period when I was quite a china collector. Now, I’m dispersing. I sold on ebay for a good while, but now I have a different problem. Everything I have is “the good stuff”. As you mentioned, much of it is irreplaceable regardless of cost. It’s a struggle.

    But the day will come when I’ll have to move to a smaller apartment, because of cost if nothing else. If I’ve already done the sorting and giving, it will be much easier. I hope!

    • I am making progress but there are bumps in the road. What do you do with 200+ long-playing records, double that number of tape cassettes and a full 34 volume set of Encyclopaedia Britannica 1988?
      Had to laugh when I looked at the situation regarding my records on Ebay: I have so many of the records on Ebay by one of my favourite bands (The Dutch Swing College Jazz Band) that I couldn’t decide whether to sell mine or just carry on collecting the rest! Best not to look at Ebay!

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