6 comments on “Green(house) fingers

  1. How fun! Good luck with your gardens. Really, gardening is one of the most satisfying undertakings ever. I get excited when I get houseplants to bloom! 🙂 I’ve never had a greenhouse but would dearly love to someday. Keep us posted on this.

    • Around 40 years ago I had the time and opportunity to grow vegetables on quite a large plot of land. It was a short-lived experience because we moved house and my new occupation kept me busy for 60-70 hours per week, frequently including weekends. I don’t know much about gardening, indoors or out, but Granny Anne is a walking encyclopaedia of horticultural wisdom (as our gardens over many years have demonstrated). I used to sum up my knowledge by saying that if you can’t eat it, then I don’t know what it is – but even that summary is out of date as there are now many food plants that I cannot identify.
      Apparently, growing your own is becoming a trendy activity again. I was blissfully unaware of this until I started searching online for info about the greenhouse. Well, that explains why it is so hard to find a parking space at the local garden centre.

  2. I haven’t been up to commenting for a while – my prostate turned into full blown kidney cancer which has rather taken the edge off the year thus far. I am now sans a third of my left kidney and hopefully that is the end of all that! However, greenhouse gardening.

    We bought a greenhouse for the Boss’s birthday and like you, now have any number of veg underway. I have had a veg patch on and off (more off) for many years, but I find that the whilst the spirit is willing the flesh is too easily distracted elsewhere. However, we have peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweetcorn (starting) and a mix of herbs. I enjoy my trot up the garden and with the weather that we have experiened recently, the greenhouse has been a dry and warmish shelter from the deluge. I hope that you continue to enjoy your labours. It all looks very satisfactory and I look forward to reading about it in future notes.

    • Very sorry to hear about the kidney cancer Steve. Though I recall that it was not entirely unexpected, it must have been a frightening experience. I hope that it is all good news for you from now on.
      I have just spent half of the afternoon fighting my way through the jungle of a couple of shrub beds in our neighbour’s garden. I think I have just uprooted the National Collection of dandelions, not to mention ivy, brambles and scores of sycamore seedlings. Now I can maintain the spaces between the surprisingly few (but large) shrubs by simply hoeing, while I decide how best to fill those spaces. It is not exactly fun but certainly satisfying – and in any case I need the exercise!

  3. A greenhouse is rather rare around here – but of course we get two gardens a year because of climate. More people are inclined to shade growing veggies as the summer runs on, and bring their geraniums into the air conditioning to try and get them to survive until the cooler fall!

    I do read about folks here and there who start their plants indoors or in a greenhouse, and they seem to have good luck with the process. I’ll look forward to your tales, while I remind myself now and then to go dump a bucket of water on the few balcony plants I have!

    • Our weather has been a bit disappointing lately. Admittedly there has been less rain for 2-3 weeks but it has remained dull and very cool with night termperatures sometimes only a few degrees above freezing. So my inexperience in the unheated greenhouse has produced casualties – apparently it has not been consistently warm enough for a couple of cucumber plants. OK, they were a bit of a gamble (yes I did have a max/min thermometer until it retired abruptly when I pressed the reset button too hard!). Now I have two replacement plants on my window ledge indoors and we are promised much warmer weather in the next few days – and about time too! My only other problem so far is that I have used almost every plant that I bought – which would have made sense in a decent vegetable plot outdoors, but there might be a space problem in the greenhouse shortly. Well, it wouldn’t be so much fun if it didn’t include a challenge or two!

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