5 comments on “The fun begins

  1. What a wonderful holiday you had! I’m so glad the weather cooperated, it’s been awful here. We’re way above average for rainfall and expecting much more before the end of the month. Ugh.

    Happy to hear that your treatments are so uneventful. How long will you have to have them?

  2. The holiday was great fun, even though only for five days, and great value for money. As for the weather, it has been very warm since we have been at home again and still no rain. Large areas of England are close to drought and will be in trouble unless we have some spectacular rainfall over a sustained period soon. I feel sorry for the farmers. It must be very difficult to know what to do next, when even the weather forecasters don’t seem able to predict more than a few days ahead.
    My treatment is daily, for five days per week, for at least four weeks. I drive myself to and from the hospital which takes about 25 minutes each way. The timing needs to be fairly well managed so as not to be too early and certainly not late. The alternative would be two separate buses, doubtless taking well over an hour each way.

  3. I wish we could share some of our rain with you. We’re anticipating ending the month of March 5 inches above average just for this month! We’re becoming downright waterlogged. It seems we have your wayward rain.

    I hear you on the buses. I want to avail myself of mass transit when I can, but it sucks up your whole life just getting around. I’m glad you’re able to drive yourself at least. A former co-worker was treated for colon cancer, and was in pretty rough shape during the treatments. That was a number of years ago, back around 2000, so maybe techniques have changed and improved. She is still doing well, I believe she’s just recently retired.

    Enjoy some sun for me! 🙂

  4. How wonderful that you got away, and for such a nice holiday. Archery is fun. I was introduced as a girl at camp, and actually continued into college, as it was an option for one of those “elective courses” we had to have our first year. Well-rounded, and all that.

    The first time I shot a gun, it was a different story. I became a little more proficient once I adjusted to the “kick” of the gun. This was in the country, and it was the usual country fun of shooting at cans and bottles on a fence post. Very old-west. I never tried a pistol, though – just a rifle. I always said if I had a pistol, I’d just keep it unloaded and throw it if I needed it for protection.

    I hope your treatments continue well. The friend I have who underwent both chemo and radiation is back to work now, and feeling pretty good. It’s been about six months, I think. She still gets a little tired after a full shift, but I get a little tired after a full shift, so there you are.

    Glad for the Henry update, too. I do hope the weather straightens for you. We’ve been getting occasional rains since the beginning of the year, and so far, so good. It may change as we move into summer. but at least we’ve put a stop to the continued decline.

    • Into the second week of radiotherapy now and all going as expected. Will post again when I am near or at the end of the four weeks and know whether still more treatment will be needed.
      Meanwhile Henry sends regards! He has been out in the garden on warm days, not moving very far but still being fed by me and enjoying our early crop of dandelion flowers. Indoors again late afternoon before he cools down, as the nights have been quite cold (and worse still forecast). If we don’t have a drought this year I have a nasty feeling that we will know when summer arrives only by the fact that the rain is warmer! Not that I am pessimistic or anything.

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