6 comments on “The Patient’s Story, part 8

  1. This really is quite a journey you’re on. It’s quite interesting to follow the story, but I’m sure you’re more than ready for the conclusion and a nice “they lived happily ever after”!

    Since I don’t think anyone from your side of the pond will pop over to nab me for practicing medicine without a license, I’ll wonder aloud (well, in print) whether the chest pain might actually be muscular and associated with stress? People always are trying to blame things on stress, but I have a friend who went through a period when the muscles around her torso would just tense up and cause discomfort. Hard to say. I’m glad all the tests seem to show nothing of concern.

    How’s Henry doing? I just was thinking of him today, and wondering if you were getting any painting done through all of this. It must be getting springish there, too. From what I hear, you haven’t had nearly the winter you had last year. Our first dandelions and such are up and blooming. It won’t be long until other trees and flowers join them.

    Hope all continues to go well in the run-up to the radiation therapy. Thanks for the update!

    • Yes Shoreacres, it is quite a journey indeed, especially in terms of the time it is taking to get through all the various stages of diagnosis and then treatment. Almost every stage has been delayed by a couple of weeks so that the radiotherapy is now about three months later than predicted at the outset. It is no-one’s fault. Obviously the hospitals cannot predict how many new and more urgent patients will present themselves during the months in which they are treating me so some “drift” in the timing has to be expected. I am certainly not complaining. Indeed quite the reverse. All the medics and other staff that I have met have been so friendly and helpful and even the other patients have been remarkably positive and cheerful even though many of them are really serious cases for whom little can be done. There’s no doubt that I am one of the lucky ones.
      You could be right about the stress. Certainly it has affected me in the distant past but I do make a conscious effort to anticipate and avoid it.
      Henry is fine. His “house” occupies too much space in my little room but it is the only place in which I can maintain a tortoise-friendly temperature now that he is out of hibernation, and supply a good level of light on grey days. He is eating piles of assorted greenery each day and it will not be long before he will be outside for a couple of hours each warm day and indoors (but out of my way) the rest of the time.
      During the past couple of weeks we have had some of the coldest weather (well below freezing) and, lately some of the warmest days since last summer. Very few birds have been using the feeders in the garden this year and I am refilling them about once every 7-10 days. Last year I refilled them daily. And several flowers outside are well advanced already.
      It seems to have been a very long and grey winter – let’s hope we see plenty of sunshine this year.

  2. I am pleased to see that matters are progressing although chest pains is never a good thing. I take the view that “no news is good news” from the medical fraternity and I hope that is the case with you ECG. Life here took a turn for the worse when they discovered that I have kidney cancer and so will be submitting to the surgeon’s knife in Southampton in a fortnight’s time. On the bright side, there are no other tumours visible on the CT scan so I am hoping that I will get away with just the partial nephrectomy and a long sit down!

    Our garden is full of the wrong spoeciaes of birds. Rooks, pigeons and collared doves. Barely a sparrow in sight and not too many tits this year. May be they’ve all emigrated!!

    Keep smiling!

  3. Hi Steve. Apologies for not responding sooner. Have been a bit busy lately and neglected the blog.
    Here’s hoping that your op will be 100% successful (as I am sure it will be) and I will be looking forward to hearing all about it in due course.
    I will see my Doc next tuesday to discuss ECG results, what caused chest pains and whether they could have been an unusual side effect of the hormone injections – and other matters to be reported upon in this blog later.

  4. Good to know that I have got minders. However, I discovered recently that my doctor is moving elsewhere about now. SHE has been brilliant (and nice with it!) and I hope that this new phase in her career proves highly successful for her.
    Meanwhile, I am not sure who her replacement will be. The temporary doctor at my last appointment was very thorough and also (to quote the great Bing Crosby) very therapeutic!

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