3 comments on “Henry 2012.

  1. Oh, hooray! I was thinking about him the other day, but had assumed it was too early to begin asking about him. As messed up as the weather seems to be around the world, I’m not surprised he’s out already. We were hitting over 80 yesterday – a record-setting high temperature for us. Henry would love it here!
    (Well, until winter arrives, which I hope will happen soon. We need freezing temperatures to get rid of the mosquitos!)

  2. Yes it is weird weather. I was sowing grass seed late in October thinking that I had left it too late and that it would be killed by frost in early November. We have had only a few days of visible frost so far (which didn’t last more than a few hours) and in the mild, damp conditions the grass has grown slowly but steadily and some sustained cold weather will be welcome now, otherwise I will have to start mowing soon (instead of April or May).

    On the other hand, a few days of 80 degrees now and then would be rather nice!

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