4 comments on “Retail suicide?

  1. I’ve found that I tend to shop online for everything except those items that need inspecting/trying on beforehand, plus charity shops, of course! On the one hand, yes, it’s terrible for the high street, but on the other, not only is it keeping the Royal Mail going, the money I save almost magically finds its way into the tills of the diverse and excellent range of independent coffee shops around here. Swings and roundabouts – and from a personal perspective, coffee and cake is much more enjoyable than traipsing round the shops.

  2. I am tempted to follow your example Jo and, indeed, I do obtain a little shopping online. However, I enjoy my excursions every couple of weeks or so to Cardiff city centre. It has a lively atmosphere and people are very friendly and helpful. In fact a great place for people watching! Mind you, my self-imposed diet doesn’t allow much coffee or cake (or chocolate or ice cream either) but then again, rules are made to be broken!

  3. Im’ wondering if part of the problem you’re experiencing is related to what’s happening in our grocery stores now. Items that I use on a regular basis are disappearing from the shelves. When I ask where they’ve gone, I’m told they’re no longer stocked. The reason? The Great Computer has determined this or that sells better than the item I need!

    Particularly for people who really cook (gasp!) or attempt to minimize processed food, this can be a problem. I can’t get unbleached flour at my local store now, nor whole wheat. Yet I can get 35 varieties of frozen pizzas, etc.

    This leads to a good bit of running around to find things I need or want – at a cost of fuel. Very frustrating!

  4. Yes Shoreacres, I am sure that both of our problems are parts of the same bigger picture which is too complex to summarise in a few words. Perhaps I will write another post if I become sufficiently irritated by it all, It will make no difference of course though it might make me feel a bit better.

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