3 comments on “And (at last) a Happy New Year to you.

  1. Oh, my. I’m having a flashback to my hard disk failure (and I MUST run some backups again! Now! Not next week!) and everything that brought about.

    My only real aggravation is that I lost some files in the changeover, but that was my fault and mine alone. More puzzling is that I lost the auto-start for my various drives. That’s not a huge issue, but it seems like a re-install should put things back the way they were. Obviously, that isn’t so!

    In any event – a Happy New Year, and happy fresh computer to you. May your links work and the kinks get worked out, so you can enjoy The Machine without aggravation!

  2. Happy New Year!

    I would suggest running a search on Google for the pop-ups you’re seeing. If it’s happened to you, I’d bet real money someone else has already dealt with the same issue. I just had a virus on my home computer (a mere 2 weeks after getting high speed cable internet) which I managed to eradicate with the help of Google and a tech Web site. When you reset the computer to the original settings with the recovery disk, it may have wiped out upgrades that kept programs from having trouble working together. You know how they’re continually pumping out upgrades and patches! Also, you could try Google-ing the actual error message and see what results you get on that.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments. Since writing this post I have not seen the “error” messages. Could it be that various automatic downloads/updates from Microsoft (of which there have been at least 200) have fixed some of the problems? I hope so. Still no Bluetooth though so I will be seeing what can be done about that.
    Meanwhile, by way of a diversion I have been playing with my Samsung Galaxy Tab, a seven-inch tablet that will do everything that the laptop should do except connect direct to my printer (but is also a mobile phone if required and it will take photos and shoot videos). Tab and laptop can exchange all types of files that I use, so far as I can tell, so printing is possible via the laptop. WordPress on the Tab is a bit more difficult and I have not yet mastered it – but give it time.

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