4 comments on “The Patient’s Story, part 6

  1. I don’t know what it is about people in the medical profession, but in my experience at least half of them should be doing something else. Anything else.

    I find ginger tea to be very helpful for nausea/upset stomach, but any excuse for cookies works for me! Glad you finally got in for your eye treatment.

  2. I must say that I have no complaint with the medical or nursing staff or the receptionists in the departments that I have visited at University Hospital Cardiff (“The Heath”) but a few relatively minor administrators are (as such people so often are) a little bit power mad and too full of their own self-importance. That this happens at all is the fault of their supervisors/managers. A bit more “can do” culture would make them better workers and give them more job satisfaction as well.

  3. As someone who has eye surgery on the horizon – far horizon, I do hope – I found your description fascinating. And I’m so glad you finally got your appointment. There are great differences in the treatment accorded patients here, too – and even in clinics with the very best, world-class doctors, a contemptuous or bored subordinate can make everything very difficult.

    Just out of curiosity, could you have called the clinic to enquire about those side effects – the nausea and such? Here, whenever something seems out of the ordinary or bothersome, we just call up the office and ask whether it’s normal or if something like a drug might need to be adjusted.

    Nice that you’re about done with it all. I hope you heal well and have no more problems!

  4. Usually, the side effects are listed on a leaflet supplied with the medication, which I did read a while ago but subsequently my memory confused the effects of two separate treatments. I daresay that I might have received relevant advice had I ‘phoned the eye department. On the other hand, it might have taken two or three ‘phone calls to get to an appropriately qualified person – or I might have been told to ask my family doctor.
    Had I wanted to know anything at all about the cancer treatment, specialist nurses and others at two local hospitals and elsewhere are falling over themselves to offer help and support.
    To what extent this variation is dependent on the relative seriousness of the ailments or the relative merits of departmental management, I could not possibly comment!
    Thanks for the good wishes Shoreacres, I am confident that all will be well.

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