8 comments on “The patient’s story, part 5

  1. That does sound like good news. You have my sympathies re: the hot flushes. I get baking hot, thanks to the meds I’m on. Still, at least it helps with the heating bills so you can comfort yourself with that. 🙂

  2. You are much in my thoughts. A wonderful bicycle. The lovely car and, not so cheerfully, your battle with prostate cancer. I have an benign enlarged prostate currently being treated with Finasteride although my GP would like to get me on the slabe and, to quote him “stick a corkscrew up your urethra and reduce the size”! I am sure that you can appreciate my thoughts on the matter. We’ll try the drugs for a good long time and if that doesn’t do anything then, and only after a HUGE amount of deliberation, might we dicuss something more radical. Whilst my problem pales into insignificance in comparison to yours, please accept my very best wishes for a good outcome to your cancer problem.

    • Thank you very much Steve. Your good wishes are much appreciated. I am sorry to hear of your BPH. Let’s hope the Finasteride does the job. Your GP seems to be a laugh a minute and his unfortunate choice of words would put anyone off the invasive procedure that he has in mind. However, I read a pile of literature (some supplied by the hospital) about prostate problems, including cancer, at the beginning of my diagnosis. Some of the procedures (that I have experienced since) seemed quite alarming in anticipation. In reality, there has been nothing that I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat if required. I am sure the procedure that you might need will be done under a local anaesthetic – just like my prostate biopsy, which will be done again before long, and that was no great problem.
      All the same, I shall hope for a good result for you from the drug treatment. We fellas just don’t like the idea of our nether regions being mucked about with!

  3. My personal conviction is that it’s always good when the physicians decide you’re not experimental material. Glad to hear things have improved somewhat,and that your treatment might be shortened.

    I just laughed at your comments re: global warming. Send those good fellows over in East Anglia a note and tell them you have a variable they may not have considered! 😉

    Really, best wishes for continued improvement. We want you perky next spring so you can report on your travels in the new auto!

    • I never really saw myself starting a new career as a laboratory mouse! But in my mind there was a good reason for volunteering for the trial when my own condition seemed capable still of becoming rather more serious. However, I can see the point of my rejection now that I seem to have made so much of an improvement.
      Thank you for your good wishes. Don’t worry. I intend to remain “perky” throughout and even more so when it is all finished (I hope) next spring.
      As for our anticipated travels; these will have to be fitted in between appointments until the end of March when we should be able to contemplate longer excursions (I still fancy motoring tours of Ireland and Scotland). Granny-Anne has other ideas and enthusiastically updates me on all the cruise brochures as they arrive in the post. We shall see.

  4. I’m very glad to hear things seem to be progressing nicely. I hope they will be able to further reduce the radiation therapy.

    And don’t think of them as hot flashes, think of them as power surges! 🙂

    • Thanks Digital Dame. Actually, I don’t mind the hot flushes at all. They are just hot, nothing more. As yet I haven’t had any of the really unpleasant side effects (nausea, headaches, dizziness etc.) – I don’t need more of those as I get them from the Pilocarpine eye drops anyway. I am fortunate to be having hot flushes at the cool end of the year as all I have to do is take off the jacket or sweater until I cool down again. And the eye drops will be discontinued in 12 days time when I have another appointment for the laser eye surgery (assuming that it doesn’t get cancelled by the hospital for the third time).

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