4 comments on “Living with the Morris Traveller

  1. As a schoolboy I attempted a world record to see how many boys could get into a Morris Traveller. The answer is twelve but only because we ran out of boys! I envy you your car. I think that I could happily settle back into the sixties although with a few modern comforts. Chiefly this blooming computer! Enjoy your car. You have whetted my appetite. A visit to Bristol may be in order!

    • I won’t be attempting any world records Steve, just rediscovering that motoring can be fun, while affordable. Mind you, it helps that I am far too old to be dashing around the country like a flea in a fit but will proceed in a more sedate (and car preserving) pace without being a nuisance to the modern traffic. It also helps that there is no road tax charge (classed as Historic, the car, that is, not the owner!) and my annual mileage will be low, with corresponding fuel and maintenance costs.

  2. What an absolutely enchanting car! It reminds me of the “woodies” common here in the 60s – given great cachet by surfers and The Beach Boys, who enjoyed singing about them.

    I need to heed your advice about familiarization – I haven’t yet read through the manual that came with my new car, and it’s so different from what I’ve had before… Well, let’s just say learning to put the windows up and down was an adventure.

    Yours looks like it needs a “Teardrop” trailer behind it. Do you have those there? They were quite the thing here back in the day – here’s a nice view of one done “Woody” style.

    • I must admit that I left the servicing of my last two cars (both BMWs of about 20 years old) to my local garage (who were very good and reliable). Not that they needed much attention but both had electronic problems eventually, which I couldn’t have dealt with anyway.
      I think most of us tend to treat the manual as something to read as a last resort!
      Not sure what the towing capacity of the Morris 1000 is but I doubt that it would be happy with a caravan (trailer?) behind, even a small one. Not that I am keen on caravans anyway, except the big luxurious static ones. I have always preferred the relative ease and convenience of a motor caravan of modest size (possibly supplemented by an awning when on-site). For example, the classic VW, of which Granny-Anne and I have owned two over the years. In fact I considered buying another one recently but no longer have anywhere suitable to keep it.

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