3 comments on “Before I forget…

  1. I dread the day that our system starts resembling yours. I know that all my British friends swear by the quality of care, but combining bureaucracy with anything just seems an unhappy exercise in futility.

    I think Jo’s suggestion of the cushion is quite wise!

  2. Jo, I think your advice well worth following!
    Sorry Shoreacres but I am not entirely convinced about the quality of care, not since a friend of mine was sent to hospital just outside Cardiff with something resembling anaemia/jaundice and emerged three months later with all of that seemingly under control but with (apparently) multiple cracks to her pelvis allegedly caused by staff negligence in the ward plus deliberate carelessness by a couple of impatient “physiotherapists”. Several weeks on she is in great pain still and very little done about it. Were I a rich man I would have (a) paid for private treatment and (b) investigated this by now with a view to throwing the legal book at the hospital authority but, of course, if you are not rich you don’t matter.
    In fairness I must add that I cannot fault any aspect of my own dealings with the urology doctors and nurses at University Hospital in Cardiff. If only other departments were as caring, competent and efficient.

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