5 comments on “The patient’s story, part 4.

  1. Sounds like a reasonable treatment. I smiled at your comments about patient participation in decision making. I learned – sometimes to my chagrin – while Mom was in hospital before her death that our system has to be watched like a hawk. I’ll not bore you with certain small “incidents”, but they were enough to make me sure I’d prefer to stay out of those places as much as possible.

    Now – on a lighter note. It may surprise you to know that for a time in the early 70s I worked at the Texas Medical Center, in the nuclear medicine department of Ben Taub hospital. That was very, very early in the nuclear scan business – there still was a good bit of testing going on to determine most effective dosages, etc. I was on the social worker side – but it was very interesting. And no one ever came walking down the hallways looking like a human lightstick!

  2. Wise not to alarm the children, I know they’re getting bigger but it’s probably more than they can really understand. Hope the treatments go well, and the side-effects are minimal for you. I will think good thoughts for you.

  3. Thank you Digital Dame. There is such a long preparation (ie. pills and injections) for the “real” treatment that I am optimistic about the radiotherapy itself. It might not be one’s first choice of pastime for six or seven weeks but it must a an improvement on the dreaded chemotherapy (are they using chemo still?). At least I am going into all of this in a reasonably fit state and not suffering from any other illness that might complicate matters.

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