4 comments on “The patient’s story, part 3.

  1. Oh, my. I just don’t think I could handle that MRI. Well, I would if I had to, of course, but it sounds very unpleasant. My mom did have a couple, and she rather liked them. As she said, “Where else does someone tell you just to lie around and be quiet?” 😉

    I think it must be a touch of claustrophobia, as I don’t mind noises and sleep on my back anyway. I can’t abide the thought of going into a cave again. They have something called an “open MRI” here, but from what I’m told it’s not quite so efficient. Hard to say.

    I do hope all these magnificent tests find out that your cancer’s localized – much easier to deal with, with fewer side effects. Onward!

  2. Well, I don’t regard myself as particularly brave but I have been fascinated by all the space-age technology so far and this has outweighed any anxiety. It’s amazing what one can get used to – after the past few months injections etc. don’t bother me any more.

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