6 comments on “The patient’s story, part 2.

  1. Jo, the laser bit has yet to come. Should be interesting. Hope they are more competent at that – otherwise here comes the white stick and the Golden Retriever!!

  2. I’m a little confused about the eye business. In April of 2009, I had a similar experience at the eye doctor. When they did the pressure test for glaucoma and took a look at things, I was walked DIRECTLY to the retina specialist – that very minute.

    I was given the drops to use – although I was to put them only in one eye, twice a day. After six weeks they weren’t satisfied with my progress, so we went to two different drops, each used once a day.

    Now, my pressures have dropped from 23/22 to 15-14 (whatever that means, precisely). So that’s all good. I do have developing cataracts, however, and that’s where lasers would come into play. I take it that’s what your laser treatment is for? If so, I hear nothing but completely good things about all that – apparently cataract surgery takes all of about 15 minutes these days, and requires about three days of “recuperation” – that is, simply being careful not to play football, watch virgorous ping-pong games, go skydiving, etc.

    Anxious now to read part 3 for more details!

  3. Well, as I understand it, the high pressures in both eyes were due to partially obstructed drainage from both eyes. The Pilocarpine drops apparently prevent this getting any worse while I await the laser surgery to “clear the drains”! This takes only a few minutes per eye and the sight might be a bit hazy afterwards because the eyes change shape as the high pressure is relieved so the lenses are possibly needing to focus again in the right place. After a couple of weeks I will return to the optician to get the long-awaited new spectacles.
    No mention of cataracts so far.
    Perhaps you were confused by the fact that I went to the high street optician for the initial eye tests but then to the hospital when they became concerned about the high pressures.

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