4 comments on “Henry the tortoise 2011.

  1. Henry, who is having a nap just now, has instructed me to send greetings to Jo and Snipe and to say that if he ever finds the way out of this garden, he will come visiting. He says he has heard that Somerset is a fun county where they all wear bowler hats and striped waistcoats and play clarinets and drink cider all the time, and eat cheese on only one day of the year, which is known as the Cheddar Gorge. At least, that is what he was told.

  2. Such fun to see Hency again!

    Of course I really wouldn’t want his shell painted, but I did get curious and go exploring because I was certain I’d heard of such a thing. In fact, there are ways to mark shells if, for example, there’s a turtle derby being held, but the advice always is to use a marking pen, or nail polish or non-toxic paint, and as little as possible – a dot or two.

    What I was more curious about was fiberglass repair of the shells. I know a woman here who does it, and apparently that’s common practice. There’s a terrifically interesting article about how to go about it here. It’s not so much a do-it-yourself page as a general overview of what to look for if it ever has to be done.

    We’ll hope Harry behaves himself, keeps his shell whole and his disposition perky!

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