5 comments on “New glassware

  1. Those glasses and vases are wonderful! Love the portrait, what a wonderful expression on her. The fabric of her blouse looks silky, the way the folds and shadows are. What a hassle about the paints. Like you, I like to support local businesses but they have to make some effort to meet customer demand, especially these days when it’s all too easy to turn to the internet for anything and everything.

  2. I’ll echo digital dame – the painted glassware is great. And it reminds me – how is Henry? I think he must be well, or we would have heard. Give him my best!

    Hmmmm… could you paint a little something on his shell? Perhaps a little, tiny tortoise to carry around? He couldn’t lick it off, that’s for sure. 😉

    I’m with you on the frustration of not being able to find this or that in local shops. There are so many forces working against individual owners these days. There’s the internet, of course, and the challenges of going up against the “big” stores. Still, I prefer small shops. I never, ever go to a mall unless forced by a very specific need. I’d much rather poke about in dusty corners.

    The portrait is beautiful. She looks like someone I’d like to know. I believe that expression’s what they mean by “an appraising glance”. Very, very nice.

    The poet who got me to doing those 140 character lines each day – the porch poetry – was off to Wales recently for some sort of poetic event, but he had the chance to meet up with a couple who’d made a coracle and they took it off to one of your little rivers. I’ll find the video when it goes up and send it to you. Apparently it was great fun!

  3. Glad you like the glass 🙂 The tea trolley is a very good idea, could do with one of those (and a room to put it in). Love the portrait, it’s really good, how big is it? Have an urge to get my pencils out now & find a suitable picture, I always enjoyed doing portraits too. Just need a bit of spare time….

  4. Thanks for all your comments. The skin colours and tones on the original portrait are quite delicate, as befits this particular subject, but she does look healthy. I need to find out how to persuade my digital camera to pick them up so that she doesn’t look as if she has seen a ghost! The size of the painting is 14 x 10 inches.
    By the way Shoreacres, Henry is fine and thanks you for your kind enquiry. He also added “Please don’t let anyone paint on my shell!” I’ll write a post about Henry soon.

  5. I don’t think your lovely lady looks as though she’s seen a ghost at all. She has the “china doll look” much favored by Southern ladies of a certain age. Translucent, flawless and very rarely seen any more!

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