2 comments on “All change

  1. What an interesting post! I like the work, too. I prefer the first rose, probably because of the texture of the paper and the leaves.

    And it’s very interesting to see a self-portrait of someone you’ve never seen – rather like seeing Van Gogh’s self-portrait at the Houston museum recently. I don’t know what the critics say, but it seems to me that sort of circumstance neatly avoids the question of representation: “Does the painting LOOK like him?”

    My thought is that the self-portrait feels alive, as though it’s of a real person. If you’ve got that going for you, who cares whether the hair is exactly right? 😉

  2. The roses were just a quick trial for the new acrylics and, yes, the paper was heavily textured. They had to be quick to ensure that I did something, anything, with the paint rather than allow it to dry on the palette or, worse still, on the brush. I will repeat the painting in the frame (until I get it right!!) but it does show the idea that came to mind when wondering what to do with the spare frame.
    Before painting the portrait I photographed the original outline sketch and have inserted it above. I think the sketch is a better likeness than the painted version, although (or maybe because) it does make me look a bit grumpy!. In the painted version I tried to represent the shadows behind the spectacle’s lenses but failed, making them look like tinted lenses instead. A happy accident? Maybe.
    It is all fun and good practice. I will be doing more of these quick sketches, which are more enjoyable than I had expected and nothing like the almost photographic style of painting with which I have been labouring in recent months.

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