5 comments on “Painting – progress at last.

  1. I’m really looking forward to being able to see your work. It’s been fun to follow along with the various aspects of your painting – though I understand the need to do things in the proper way, even if that requires more patience on the part of those of us out here in bloggieland!

    I noticed your point about distractions playing a role in your progress as a painter. Life does have a way of intruding, doesn’t it? But I also took note of your willingness to paint 2-3 times a week. I think whatever the schedule, the regularity does play a role. When I go back and read my posts from the first six months of my blog, it’s clear I’ve improved (although not every post is equally successful, of course).

    I have a friend who’s quite a tennis player. She plays four days a week, without fail. She says that it’s critical to maintain her “muscle memory”. Maybe our impulse toward regularity comes partly from the sheer pleasure of it, and partly from an instinctive understanding that we have to maintain our “mental muscle memory”, too!

    Have to ask – any thoughts on The Wedding? I watched two hours of highlights last night, and did enjoy it. When I saw Catherine’s dress, I breathed a sigh of relief. The girl has some class. 😉

  2. The Wedding? Beautiful bride, stunning sister (what a team!), and terrific pageantry as you would expect (though not even a State Occasion). The Middletons conducted themselves with amazing composure and sheer style (making the earlier scribblings of the idiot popular press look doubly stupid).
    Most of the Windsors looked bored stiff and vaguely anachronistic and, despite some fancy uniforms, well outgunned by the Middletons.
    It was a lovely day and arguably the best thing to have happened to our Royal Family since HM The Queen ascended the throne.
    As regards my painting, and “muscle memory”, a new post will follow shortly.

    • Do you know, I remember Elizabeth IIs coronation? My mom let me stay home from school – I might have been second grade. We just had a new tv, with a HUGE wooden cabinet for all those tubes, and about an 8″ screen. When there was nothing on we watched the test patterns.

      But the coronation was wonderful!

  3. My experience was similar (I was 13 then). The world map was a different colour in those days and, even now, I can hear the sound of horses hooves on London streets and see the procession that went on, and on, and on some more.
    This year the procession of minibuses containing the minor Royals didn’t make the same impact somehow.

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