6 comments on “Some elementary questions?

  1. I “think” your hard drive is partitioned, to allow for automatic backups so you can restore the system back to a given point in the event of “computer trauma”. I’m not sure, though, so I’ve passed your question on to my computer guru, who usually checks in at least once a day, though it may be our evening before he does so, now.

    I appreciated your question because when I went in to look at my system, which I thought was set up the same way, I discovered I lost that “second” hard drive section during my hard drive crash. The automatic backup program is gone, too.

    The good news is that all of my GB are available. The bad news is that if I fail to be faithful in backing up the system, I’ll be out of luck if anything goes wrong. Eeeeeeecchhh!

  2. You’d have to repartition the hard drive, which would essentially wipe out everything you have on it, meaning you’d have to reload everything, from the operating system on.

  3. Thanks Shoreacres, that is more or less how I understand the hard disc storage system, except that if the hard disc fails (as they can) you lose both “drives”. I also seem to recall that earlier operating systems didn’t work this way, because hard discs were smaller, but did allow hard discs to be partitioned by owners (if they wished) using third party software.
    My back-up arrangements involve a separate, free-standing hard drive which will do automatic back-ups and recoveries (though I prefer to do them manually), so I don’t see the need for nearly 68 GB of apparently unused space on my HD and believe that I ought to be able to alter it without having to buy additional software – which might be dodgy, how will I know?
    Thanks for passing on the query. I keep telling myself that there must be a simple answer, a simple procedure that I can apply without risking my entire system but I am not betting on it!

  4. Hello Digital Dame, It looks as if we were both writing our comments at the same time. Great Minds, etc.!
    I shall reserve further comment until I have a solution toi the problem, or not, as the case may be.

  5. OK-doke. You’re running Vista, so it is possible to do what you want.

    You can google “how to unpartition vista hard drive” and get a lot of results. There even are some videos. You can get a better feel for the process by skimming a few articles.

    I’m clear on a couple of things:

    1. You must back up information on your second “drive” if you want to keep it, because you will lose it regardless of the process you use.

    2. For ease of discussion, let’s say you have two 75GB drives. Let’s call them C and D. C is the one you work from. If you simply unpartition, you will still have two drives, but both will be accessible. If you want to have only one C drive, you have to use a third party program to accomplish that. (Or crash your hard drive, as I did…) The programs are about US$50-60.

    Here’s a link to one video made by someone who seemed to know what he was doing. The videos are nice because you can stop them and study the screen.

    I think that’s about as far as I can go, but at least there seem to be some starting points here and a little context 😉

  6. Thank you very much Shoreacres, for taking the time and trouble to look into all of this for me. It looks as if I will be “tied up” with other work until at least Saturday (thanks to the arrival of some dry weather) but I will return to this problem later.

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