2 comments on “Cardiff’s shopping arcades

  1. Never mind shopping. I’d love to go to those arcades just to see them. They remind me of the beautiful pavilions in England – especially some I’ve seen in photographs of botanical gardens. I love good glass, anyway, and those arcades must have wonderful light because of the construction.

    I just refreshed my memory on the Crystal Palace, too – and discovered there was one in New York!
    Now we have the Crystal Cathedral, but that’s not at all elegant, and has all the downsides of modern architecture with none of the delights.

    As for the transformation of shopping habits and such – yes. We call it Walmart. Those big box stores do have the advantage of generally having everything needed for projects. Unfortunately, you have to buy a package of screws, rather than six, and you rarely can find someone to help you. Finding a knowledgeable “someone” is even harder.

    But that would sound grumpish, for me to say such things. So I’ll just say thanks for sending me off to see such wonderful photos. I’m going to send the link to my English friend, who’s quite a photographer herself and often photographs around Milton Keynes.

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