8 comments on “Practice, practice and reference photos.

  1. This is totally off topic, but…

    I’ve been trying to visit jo’s blog and have been unable to connect or to contact her. I see she’s aware she has a problem. I thought it might be useful to send along the message I’ve been getting. Whether the messages vary from one person to another because of different servers I don’t know – but some knowledgeable person surely will. I don’t think the wordpress software is the problem.

    In any event, this is the message I get, along with a 404 page not found error.

    The requested URL /2011/01/30/testers-wanted/ was not found on this server.
    Apache/2 Server at http://www.coffeeslut.net Port 80

    OK! Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

  2. Don’t talk to me about my blog. I think there’s a database issue. Tomorrow (it being The First) I shall be switching from WordPress and starting anew. Hopefully!

    JW, I have no idea about copyright infringement when it comes to using photos from the web in such a way but I would imagine that when it comes to publishing on your blog, it would probably be wise to request permission from the copyright holder before proceeding.


  3. OK Jo, I won’t talk to you about your blog but I hope you can sort it soon as we all know how frustrating it can be when things don’t work out as anticipated.
    You are quite right about the copyright situation and I will be trying to sort this problem very soon.

  4. Not sure what you’ve tried googling but I just typed in ‘copyright free photos of people’ and came up with a quite a few sites all saying images are free to use for commercial and personal use. Obviously don’t know what sort of poses or images you’re after so didn’t look too far into it. Good luck finding something. I used to find good ones as adverts in magazines, also used to draw from posters in music magazines.

    Is this class the one that’s advertised as just Painting, in the centre near me?

  5. Thank you very much for that. I will investigate further. I, too, have been using pictures of people taken originally for advertising purposes and whose copyrights are therefore owned by fashion and cosmetics companies, agencies, TV companies and in some instances by individual top photographers. The law says that, unless permission is obtained from the copyright owner, I may not copy, adapt or publish the pictures. So although when copying happens, for purely private purposes it is probably OK but if I want to show my paintings on this blog, or in a local art exhibition (even though not for sale) that would not be OK.

    By the way, I now have a full set of glasses for painting and will email you in a day or two about this but if you are busy in February, no problem, I can wait, there is no urgency.

  6. Try googling using the phrase “reference photos for artists”. I had no clue – but there is a lot of good stuff out there. I found one called Art Morgue. It’s a bit of a strange name, but it’s a terrific site, organized by categories. I enjoyed browsing it myself!

    There’s snow in our forecast for Thursday/Friday! I slept with the windows open last night, as it was 70 degrees. The front came through this morning and now it’s 40 and blowing a true gale. We’re headed to 22 tonight, and three days of freezing weather. All my plants are indoors now, including the ficus tree that nearly did me in, getting it through the door!

    It’s a good day for huddling around the warmth of a computer screen!

  7. A lot of the photographs that can be found on these sites are possibly OK as very general reference but are not really good enough as artists’ references. The main problem is lack of detail in highlights and shadows (avoidable by lighting the model suitably in the first place and using the correct exposure) while, even on a well-known artists’ site, many of the reference pictures on offer give the impression of being the rejects – and it is not hard to see why they were rejected!
    Our weather forecasts indicate a lot of rain and strong winds during the next couple of weeks but not particularly cold. “Normally” when the east side of the USA has severe weather I expect similar (though less severe) here to follow 10-14 days later. We will have to wait and see what actually happens.
    Meanwhile, I will be sleeping with windows shut while avoiding mentioning to GrannyAnne the possibility of bring any more plants indoors just in case she decides to export me to the garage just to create space for them! 😉

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