2 comments on “Painting lessons – the beginning

  1. Oh, how nice that you found the second group! That really does sound more your style – at least from what I can tell from this side of the Atlantic!

    I just skimmed an interesting article about a painter in the last issue of The New Yorker magazine. I’ve already tossed the issue so can’t even tell you his name, but he’s apparently quite the deal. What brought him to mind was your mention of the outline drawing. The article described his process with a new work, and he began with just such an outline, albeit in paint.

    It’s such fun to hear you talk about all this. I still think painting and drawing are right there with black magic. I limit myself to drawing the curtains at night. 😉

  2. I have yet to come across any realist painter who doesn’t start with some sort of outline drawing, however approximate. That is not to say that such painters don’t exist or that a painting must start with an outline drawing. I can visualise the prospect of painting a portrait without an initial outline but this will require experience, confidence and a much better developed ability to visualise, allied to a better coordination between eye and hand, than I possess at present.

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