4 comments on “Preparing to paint

  1. Well, now. Look what I’ve learned already – that MDF is “medium density fibreboard”. I didn’t have a clue. Isn’t google wonderful?

    I just laughed and laughed at your comment about the screwheads facing the same way. One of the little necessities when I’m plugging screwholes in my work is to ensure that the grain in the wooden plugs lines up with the grain in the rail (or whatever). Details, details.

    Here’s something that may amaze you. In the twenty-plus years I’ve been varnishing, I’ve rarely cleaned a varnish brush. I keep them in one of the same solvents I use to thin the varnish – not the mineral spirit sort, but a hotter solvent that’s used in cold weather or to eliminate contamination by silicon and such. I keep the solvent can inside a gallon pickle jar with a lid, which eliminates fumes in the car when I’m toting it around, and slows down solvent evaporation.

    When the solvent starts getting thick, I just change the solvent. The brushes stay absolutely clean and always are ready – and I save a good bit of time by not cleaning them each day. Of course, since they are used every day, and sometimes taken out and used four or five different times each day, ten minutes here and ten minutes there can add up.

    I’m glad you don’t have to carry a pickle jar with you!

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