2 comments on “To daub or not to daub…

  1. Oh, hooray! I’ve been waiting for the course to begin. I’m very interested in how it goes for you, and how manage the balance between your own desires and the instructor’s preferences. In any event, as you say, it may be a nice diversion in its own right. And, as I’ve found in the past couple of years, the power of negative example isn’t to be dismissed. The greatest benefit I found in attending a writers’ group for some months is that it made quite clear to me a direction or two I DIDN’T want to go!

    I’ve not worked a single day this week because of terrifically cold weather – I’ve been breaking ice in the birdies’ water bowls each morning. The first day they froze I didn’t have a clue what was wrong – they sounded like little jackhammers trying to get a drink. Finally, I figured it out – we’d had a real freeze!

    The time has been useful, though, as I have my computer back now with a fresh new hard drive, and I’m learning what a pain it is to put everything back to rights. Thank goodness I had everything backed up. But it still takes time….

  2. Good point about the negative example Shoreacres. I am just going to treat these lessons as a separate adventure (for as long as I can stand it!) and carry on portrait painting at home as before.
    We had the same experrience with the weather and the birds a few weeks ago. Chipped most of the ice out of the concrete bird bath then poured in freshly boiled water and stood by it for a couple of minutes until it was cool enough for the birds. Amazed that I did’t crack the bird bath. Did this daily in addition to refilling our three feeders as necessary (nuts, seeds, fat balls) and scattering some food on the lawn for the blackbirds and collared doves. Did wonders for my feathered fan club!

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