4 comments on “Cardiff Bloggers 4 and final

  1. Thanks Jo. I’m disappointed because I was sure that the general idea could produce worthwhile benefits over time for all who took part (free of charge and with little or no effort on their part). But you never know whether an idea will work until you try it.
    Such apathy however, doesn’t do much to encourage those who might otherwise be willing to take the initiative in future.

  2. Hi JW

    I’m sorry to hear people weren’t more receptive – I was thinking of trying to track some down when I found this post.

    As an aside, do you go to the Cardiff Bloggers meetings? There will be one on Tuesday, not sure about the location yet.


    • Hi Richard,
      Yes, thank you, I am aware of the Cardiff Bloggers and their meetings. Two or three people have suggested that I might like to attend. I am sure that the meetings are a Good Thing and wish them success in their objectives (whatever they may be0.
      However, in the context of what I was trying to do, they miss the point. If people aren’t interested in promoting the biggest possible local network online, what on earth is the point of having meetings?

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