7 comments on “A day in the life

  1. Maybe a backpack would be easier than shopping bags? I had to do that a couple of years ago, actually slogged down to the store to buy our Christmas dinner when we were snowed in! The backpack was much easier, but I guess it depends on how much stuff you need.

  2. Digital Dame, it would need a very large backpack. I hope that the current weather conditions are not going to become much more frequent during the next few years than they have been in the past. So I prefer a big shopping trolley on two large wheels, even in snow. I think that would be easier on the old legs and hips than expecting them to bear 100% of the weight 100% of the time.
    Mind you, I did enjoy the walks TO the shop – but don’t tell anyone or they’ll have me doing it every weeK!

  3. Maybe rig that trolley up with some skis under the wheels 🙂 There’s a thought, how about something like a child’s sled? A few bungee cords to tie everything down and you’re all set.

  4. Why stop there? Mount a chair on the sled (might as well sit comfortably) plus a large box behind for all the shopping. Then attach some Huskies (or Golden Retrievers would do if you dangled food in front of them) and away you go!

  5. My goodness – you’ve really had the wearher, haven’t you? My friend is Milton Keynes in England was completely snowed in, and then her boiler went out – turns out the problem was condensation. It’s fixed again, but it was a cold couple of days before she could get the gas person there. Luckily her electricity held, so she had her electric blanket, space heaters and so on.

    I laughed at your grocery store saga. Someone recently told me “You can walk to anywhere, as long as you have enough time.” I suppose you couldn’t push that as far as Transatlantic, but it’s a pretty general truth. I hope you realize there are mushers in Alaska who have been dying for snow – both the humans and their dogs. I think they finally have it now, but there was a long, long delay in getting it. I never knew it, but it seems Huskies get nervous when the mushing season comes and they can’t pull those sleds!

    I love the preview of the painting. As I’ve said before, being able to paint anything seems to me very much like a magic art. I’m glad you’ve got some classes coming up, and will be anxious to see things develop.

  6. The picture is at a very early stage – certainly not recognisable. I don’t know whether the “classes” will be just that or simply informal gatherings in which more experienced painters will be able to help beginners. I suspect (and will prefer) the latter. The point of it all for me is to have at least a couple of hours each week when I must get on and paint. Almost certainly, this will motivate me to paint in between “lessons” as well. The first session will be on January 11th… …watch this space!

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