One comment on “Finding the time

  1. What do I think?

    1. I’m not alone, after all.
    2. Anne Lamott is right.
    3. There’s very little in life any of us “has” to do. We need to think more about what we choose to do.

    Actually, very, very early in my blogging “career” I wrote a little piece called The Death of Freecell. I’d only been writing for four months, and it shows. Still, I understood intuitively what Lamott is saying – all of us have been given all the time there is. We’re the ones who decide what to do with it.

    I do use Twitter, though not compulsively. I see it as a tool more than a way of socializing. But the rest? Facebook’s gone, and all the rest. And I physically got rid of the television.
    I have a wonderful soapstone carving on the table where it used to rest. 😉

    This is one fine article. I’ve printed it out already, and will keep it in my file marked “Reasons to Persevere”.

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