12 comments on “Cardiff Bloggers, part 2.

  1. Hello 🙂 why not come along to the next bloggers meet up organised by @yourcardiff and @gdncardiff. Seems a logical next step. Not sure when it will be but they are promising a pre-Xmas social

  2. Nicki,
    Thanks for the suggestion but my post has answered your question. I am not looking for any sort of organised group, and especially not for one organised by commercial interests. I am merely trying to encourage, in the first instance, a network of links between ordinary private bloggers like myself and others already linked here. If, in time, bloggers in this network find others with common interests, hobbies etc. with whom they wish to meet face to face, it will be entirely up to them.
    I wish every success to the group to which you refer and hope to see some evidence that they are making a real affort to find and recruit more bloggers in the Cardiff area. Their aims and mine are complementary and there is no reason why their members should feel excluded from my proposed network.

  3. Oh, my. I took time to read Nicki’s review of tea at the Hilton, and I do fear I’d never make a proper Brit. Those tiny sandwiches – perhaps it’s true that we’re all just boorish on this side of the pond. 😉

    In any event, I’m delighted to see your posts. And it just occurred to me I must find and bring you a link to one of my blog friends who lives in Montana. He’s quite a cyclist, and has the most splendid-looking folding bike in the world. I can’t remember a thing about it, except that the photos made me want one RIGHT NOW! If nothing else, I think you’d enjoy seeing the territory he bikes through. He’s a rancher who lives at the edge of the Swan Range, and is one of the only people I know who needs a mountain bike because he has mountains!

    Somewhere I know you have a post about painting – I’m off to find that, now. I have another friend who’s just taking up painting herself and when I saw the brushes, I thought I’d like to send her the link.

    As you can see, I’ve been a bit out of things myself. Our weather has been glorious, and I’ve been putting in as many varnishing hours as I can. Making hay while the sun shines, and all that.

  4. Yes, I enjoyed Nicki’s review and I agree with you about the sandwiches – but then I am not a “proper Brit” either, as you know. Then again, The Hilton, whatever its virtues,is hardly a proper English teashop!
    One of my Gray relations was a rancher in Montana. I don’t suppose… …no, that would be too much of a coincidence.
    Have read your post about voting. What nostalgia!

  5. Have not yet discovered one but I don’t know the city well enough yet. Will have to explore again soon, starting with the arcades I think – unless another reader of this blog has any better suggestions of course.

  6. I’ve just spent the evening with a dear, dear friend who moved from Staffordshire to Tywyn about two years ago. Her son, who lives two streets over, insisted she make another visit, so here she is! We had a lovely dinner and caught up on all the news from her part of your country. She’s here for another week, so we’ll have another day to visit.

    You can find Daniel and his bicycle here. There’s a photo of him with the bicyle in about the middle of the header, and more information and a better pic in comment #12. And he has some of the most fantastic photos. Their horses are gorgeous, and those mountains, and… well, everything. He posts daily photos and it’s just a wonderful project. Fun to follow ranch life through the seasons. Enjoy!

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