4 comments on “Getting there

  1. Welcome home! And, as I’ve already added the estimable Granny Anne to my blog reading list and have noticed her postings there in the past few days, I’ll just introduce myself and get to reading over there, too.

    It sounds as though you’re feeling rather better, and you certainly have settled back into daily life, if not a routine. Glad to hear that Henry is in fine fettle, as well. My friend in Kent has been muttering a bit about the weather, but it sounds as though your summer’s finally on the way for real.

    We’re hot and humid here, and consumed with the goings-on with British Petroleum. The good news is that nearly everyone seems to be making a distinction between general employees and those involved in their less than totally forthcoming approach to things. To be quite frank, it’s been very interesting to discover some of the history of the company – I don’t have the link handy just now, but in my next post I’ll be linking an image that comes from a site called BP: A History in Photos (or some such). There’s an amazing picture there of an Iranian fellow with his donkey, carrying containers of Anglo-Iranian kerosene – the company which was sandwiched between the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and BP.

    The entire incident has been a sad instance of what happens when an entire industry assumes that because something hasn’t happened, it won’t happen. It would have been good to have some contingency plans in place – and for our own government to have been prepared to institute what plans we did have. Our government may not be responsible for the rig failure, but they surely are responsible for the abysmal efforts at cleanup. Sigh.

    Well, I suspect that’s enough cheerfulness for one day 😉 Awfully glad to have you back and will look forward to future posts.

  2. Thank you Shoreacres. I am grateful for your comments. Unfortunately, I am not in great blogging form at the moment, which is one reason why I am pleased that Granny Anne is writing up our recent cruise on her blog. There’s nothing wrong. I am just going through one of those restless, unsettled phases in which I “lose the plot” so far as blogging is concerned. It will all right itself in due course.

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