4 comments on “Hearing is believing

  1. I had a sudden thought – in a way, you traded in your car for a violin!

    It’s just such pleasure to read how much pleasure you are receiving from your new instrument. And as one who knows so little about such things, I was amazed to discover that the bow, too, can make a difference in the quality of sound. I suppose if I’d ever thought of it, it would have made sense. But I hadn’t thought of it.

    That’s exactly why I love reading blog entries about things I know nothing about – I end up knowing enough more to appreciate more.

    Just playing with the thought: for a writer, perhaps experience is the instrument and words the bow. Sum1 hu jus txts cnt pla so gud! 🙂

  2. Don’t encourage me Shoreacres! In recent months I have learnt more about the violin and bow, their history and how they work, than I ever knew as a teenager. The science behind it all is fascinating and perhaps especially so because, even now, it is not fully understood by the experts.
    I read your final thought at breakfast time – which was a bit early in the day for such a profound observation – especially as I am still reflecting upon your earlier one about playing the music and not the instrument. 🙂

  3. hello, do you know where I can buy e-string fine tuners with golden surface, in Central London? Thanks a lot!!!

  4. I don’t know about London now. There were several good music shops in the vicinity of Charing Cross Road years ago but no doubt I am well out of date and if the shops are there still they are probably bursting with guitars, keyboards and electric drum kits (Heaven forbid!!).
    You can buy the gold-plated fine-tuning adjusters online from http://www.violincompany.co.uk They have just moved to Bradgate House, Derby Road, Heanor, Derbyshire and can be telephoned on 07588 777596.

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