4 comments on “Some progress

  1. Congratulations! on both counts ~ the blogging milestone and the nearly-reached painting milestone. One of the little secrets of my life is that I still haven’t pulled out the fridge and painted the wall behind it – the kitchen was the last thing I did during my last “let’s paint this place” frenzy and… welllll… I just ran out of steam.

    It’s raining today – maybe I’ll get that chore done. I can tell people it’s the Just Williams memorial paint patch, in honor of your inspiration!

  2. Thanks. I will consider myself duly honoured. However, it’s the “memorial” bit that bothers me 🙂 Do you know something I don’t know!!? If so, seeing as I have only a few weeks to another milestone (you know the one, “three score and ten”) do you think you could postpone that patch a bit longer?

    • Hmmmm… I hadn’t considered that angle. Poor choice of words.

      Let’s see. How about a little sign that says, “Inspired by the Work of Just Williams, Master Painter & Blogger-Extraordinaire”? Dignified, but implying nothing unhappy or untimely. 😉

  3. Sounds good to me. Do you want me to come and pull the cord at the unveiling or cut the tape or launch it with a bottle of bubbly or something? (I suggest the bubbly option – but we drink the bubbly first ‘cos I hate waste!) 😉

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