3 comments on “Learning the violin

  1. This really is beyond my expertise, except I note with approval your inclusion of the words “enthusiasm” and “inspiring” in your criteria for satisfactory instruction.

    I’ve never found a source for it, but one of my favorite aphorisms is “Play the music, not the instrument”. I suspect there are plenty of violin teachers, but fewer music-teachers who specialize in the violin. 😉

  2. Hi, great article and interesting blog overall. Would you please be so kind to tell me how I can subscribe to your newest posts. I’m not very proficient with these things, hope you’ll understand.

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment about this blog. Like you, I am not very good at the technical aspects of blogging so I cannot tell you how to subscribe. Perhaps one of my other visitors could add a comment explaining what you have to do. Meanwhile, you could “bookmark” this site, or “add it to your favourites” so that you can find it easily again.

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