6 comments on “The new violin

  1. Congratulations on the new arrival 😉 I always wanted to learn to play the violin, but it was not within the family budget either as a child or now as an adult on my own. Ah well, maybe in my next life.

  2. Thanks Digital Dame. It is a lovely instrument and a good incentive to practise. I sympathise regarding the cost – the violin needn’t be expensive for a beginner (though it is easier to get a good result from a better instrument). A weekly lesson soon amounts to a lot of money.
    Now then Granny Anne, you are taking the mickey again! 🙂 Just because, when I wanted a piano back in 1950, my dear old (Irish)Mum bought me a violin, saying that it was very similar! As Dad, being Dad, quickly pointed out, he had never seen anyone play a piano by putting it under their chin!

  3. Congratulations! I know it will give you so much pleasure.

    Do other members of your family play, and do you do musical evenings together? When I was in Liberia there was a group at the hospital who played recorders and had great fun – and of course the guitar/bass/spoon/harmonica players always are searching one another out for good times.

    One sub-genre of bluegrass I enjoy is family bands, where mom, dad and the kids sing and play. It does make rehearsing easier, I’m sure. Some of them can be quite horrible, but even with bad music it can be a good time.

  4. Thanks Shoreacres. No we have no family musical groups. Never have done but there is some hope for the future with daughter Jennie (plays trumpet and learning tenor sax), and two grandsons (aged 6 & 8 this year) with guitar and violin respectively. Our friend Maria is also making progress on the violin so I can see potential but we are not taking bookings just yet!

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